Seminar Registration

Our seminar will be on March 17, Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00. Led by screenwriter and movie director Dan Gordon, attendees will be given an overview of the digital moviemaking business. Lunch will be included with a guest speaker (Dr. Robert L. Frantz) who will provide the details for opening the Zaki Gordon School for Independent Filmmaking in Hilton Head, South Carolina in August 2012. This seminar can serve as a preregistration for the limited space that will be available. The seminar will be conducted in conjuction with a convention and attendees can make reservations at the Marriott on Hilton Head at our special convention rate. Go to and select "accommodations" and make your electronic reservation.

For more information call 703-728-6482 or e-mail

Thank you.

Registration includes lunch and guest speaker.
Tickets will be mailed to registrants.