Announcing the Zaki Gordon School for Independent Filmmaking

Opening in 2012 to the South Carolina Lowcountry, known for great film productions, will be the Zaki Gordon School for Independent Filmmaking. The school will be licensed and use the curriculum from the well known school in Sedona, Arizone--the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking founded by screenwirter and film director, Dan Gordon.

The school will offer a one year intense program on filmmaking ranging from classroom instruction to hands-on production. Guided by industry professionals the curriculum provides cutting edge programs in digital filmmaking. Students are provided all the necessary equipment required including: a dedicated MAC computer for each student loaded with current filmmaking software; sound mixing equipment; professional digital cameras; and background "Green" screens. Thesis short films will allow students to work in all positions of a film production team.

With a graduation certificate students will be prepared to professionally begin their careers as documentary or movie film producers.